Electrical emergencies can and do happen at the most inconvenient time. Whatever the nature of your problem or when it occurs we have electricians on standby who are ready and available assist you.

All of our staff are highly experienced and trained to find faults quickly and efficiently and once they have worked out exactly what is wrong they have the training, equipment and spares to resolve almost any electrical emergency that is encountered.

With a sharp focus on safety and a thorougher understanding of WH+S compliance issues our team is well positioned to resolve your emergency with the highest sense of urgency without taking unnecessary shortcuts.


We are available 24/7 to assist you when you are most in need. We understand how disruptive electrical problems can be. Whether it is being without power in your factory or something less urgent our team is poised, ready and trained to deal with just about anything you can think of.

Attending to your job as quickly as possible is our top priority and when you contact us with your requirements yo will be addressed by a real person that will be able to set a realistic time frame for the resolution of your fault.

CONTACT US NOW – 0412252365

If you need assistance right now, we have people available that can assist you. All of our staff are fully trained, licensed and well experienced to handle and take care of your electrical emergency. Our vans are fully stocked and we plan to resolve your issue on the first visit. Contact us today and we will attend to you as soon as possible.



How long will it take to attend to my emergency?

Once you contact us via the live chat on this website or via the telephone our team will swing into action. The on shift supervisor will prioritise the job to the top of the list, since it is an emergency, and will then dispatch the next available staff member to attend to your job. If there is someone nearby at a job site it may be much sooner. We aim to have the job scheduled and dispatched within the hour and someone arriving at your location in the Tweed, Byron & Gold Coast area soon after.

Can you fix my emergency on the spot?

That’s a great and very relevant question. Our goal, of course, is to resolve the issue once we are there however the nature of emergencies is that there are often things broken and spare parts required. If it is normal consumables then our vans will cover that gap but if it is something a little more complex we may require more resources.

How can I be sure that your staff will solve my problem?

Fault finding is our speciality and all of our staff have many years of experience in service based work. We have seen just about every type of fault you could imagine and as part of that resolved every kind of fault as well. We are very skilled at what we do and proud of our abilities to deliver positive outcomes for our clients.

How much will it cost to resolve my emergency?

Its difficult to say what the cost of repairs will be without firstly examining the exact nature of the problem. Once we get to the bottom of what is wrong or not working we will work closely with you to help you understand the costs, timelines and the exact requirements for the repairs.